Prime Pioneer Capital Corp with corporate headquarter in Fresh Meadows, New York, is lead by a group of professionals who have over a decade of experience and comprehensive portfolio of loan programs in the industry, especially in the New York metropolitan area.

We have been in the mortgage industry for over 10 years. By leveraging our relationship with lenders and investors, we committed to providing competitive rates, multiple loan options and an easy, hassle-free mortgage process. Our goal is to make securing a home loan as simple and painless as possible. From application to closing, our team is there to keep you informed about the process and offer the professional guidance you need. All mortgage loans arranged with third party providers.

Loan Services

Our loan programs include, Stated Income Loans; Foreign National Loans; Hard Money Loans; Commercial Loans; Business Loans and Fannie Mae Loans. Property types include: Condo, Co-op, 1-4 Family Residential, Mixed-use Properties, Dormitory, Churches, Hotels, Lands, Hospitals, Gas Stations, Office Buildings, Owner-occupied business, Retail Malls, Self-storage, Liquor Store, Restaurant, Laundromat, Nail Salon. With our experienced and professional staffs, we minimize any possible delays from beginning to end.

What Our Clients Say

As a real estate attorney, I’ve been working with Prime Pioneer and Owen for over 10 years, and I’m always confident in referring them clients. Owen has impressed me with his thorough honesty. He gives borrowers full disclosure up front. He’s very protective to borrowers and he does not introduce loans that are reasonably foreseeable beyond borrower’s payback capacity. I’ve noticed that loans originated by Prime Pioneer have nearly no foreclosure record. Our financial market could have been more stable if most mortgage brokers could adhere to the level of honesty and integrity as Prime Pioneer.

Dennis Lan

我的第一次GOOGLE评论不得不给这家贷款公司!我是一位留学生,好不容易看上自己喜欢的CONDO,却要面临无法将国内资金周转过来的问题,不得不临时寻求贷款。经历了两家坑爹的贷款公司都失败之后,浪费了一个半月的时间,才经朋友介绍到Prime Pioneer Capital。从一开始的半信半疑到经历估价,批准信,等一系列过程逐渐让我信心倍增, 本以为要失去定金,没想到竟然可以成功拿到贷款。之前两家失败的贷款公司分别给了我5%以及6.75%的利息,利息可以接受,可是居然还给我搞砸了。好在这次能成功贷到款,而且利息居然是3.25%,(在买了1个点之后)。Owen以及他的团队实在给我了非常大的惊喜和帮助,谢谢你们帮我买到我喜欢的房子!!!

Liang Chen

Hello Everyone
This is an awesome and efficent company to work with. They are concerned about your business and try to work very fast in getting your loan close fast. I would definitely recommend this company to all. Owen is easy to talk with and reachable. I will be doing more business with him. Use them guys because they give fast result.

Michael Reid

아시는 분이 소개를 해주셔서 이 회사를 통해서 대출을 진행했는데, 정말 빠르고 정확하고 뭐가 필요한지를 잘 설명주셨어요. 대출관계자들도 정말 전문가답게 일하시고 좋았어요.

Yong Park

I’m a real estate broker and referred quite a few clients to Owen Chi. I must say they were all happy with him and his company His guidance and his professional manner in conducting business. Will definitely continue to refer clients to his company. Keep up the good work

Ram Charran

Great and fast service. Knowledgeable professionals. Competitive interest rates and programs. Highly recommended!

Camie K
I’m a managing partner of a real estate investment company in NY and have known Owen in a variety of capacities for many years. He has been my referrer of loans for the past several years, where I used to be a Branch Manager in a commercial bank.   In addition, he helps lots of underserve people to locate a proper mortgage program to achieve their American dream (Home Owner). I have seen many people comes back to thank him for his work and knowledge. Owen is organized, efficient, honest, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. His communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. In summary, I highly recommend Owen as a mortgage broker or any endeavor that he may seek to pursue. He will be a valuable asset for any community.
Bob Smith

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With our experienced and professional staffs, we minimize any possible delays from beginning to end.